The Mystery at Golf Hole Three

Is the second book in The Adventures of Kris Marie series. This collection shares the exciting times and adventures of its young heroine, Kris Marie, and is a perfect addition for families wanting to experience an exciting adventure.

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THE MYSTERY AT GOLF HOLE THREE is a children’s mystery and adventure centered on the great game of golf and its connection to nature and the wonders of wildlife. It depicts the special bond that this game creates between parent and child.

This story will:

  • Create excitement and stimulate the desire to read and to imagine
  • Educate the young reader in the game of golf and its natural environment
  • Improve reading and listening skills
  • Show how the game of golf, the love for nature, the wonder of the great outdoors, and the bond between parent and child combine to create a special, lifelong experience
Peter McElwain

Peter McElwain

Peter McElwain grew up in Toronto, and as an architect he devoted thirty years to creating outstanding schools and learning environments for students in the United States and Canada. His experience also includes student mentoring and serving on the Board of Directors of the London Regional Children’s Museum in London, Ontario, for several years. Peter and his wife, Darlene, live by Lake Conroe in Montgomery, Texas. They have a grown daughter upon whose exciting childhood the character Kris Marie is based. Peter is president of PHM Creative Studio and his hobbies include the arts, sports, and the great outdoors.